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“Hey, Freshman!” 

favorite sam friendships → blaine anderson


I took Teddy to play in the park today… :)

Aw! He’s so cute!

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Text > Blaine

J: It keeps getting me in trouble with Sebastian.
J: He can't even trust me anymore.
J: And I really love being your friend, Blaine, I really do it's just ...I can't stand that my own boyfriend doesn't trust me.
B: Well, fuck you.

Text > Blaine

J: It's not good..and you're going to think it's stupid..
J: I don't think we can hang out anymore..
B: ...
B: ...
B: ...
B: Why not?

Text > Blaine

J: Hey..
J: I need to um tell you something.
B: What is it? :)